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"Dude I totally roll down the jeeps windows to let it dry."


"Dude, it looks like is under control."

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illbeyouryodayouryodaiwillbe asked: "CoughImaycoughbecoughinlovecoughwithcoughyou......"




"God." He groaned. "Can you get any hotter really?"


He giggled against his lips. “I can cook?”

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     ”And she’s not going to be
     the only one if you don’t
     stop fighting over that and
     tell me your greatest plan.
     Arguing won’t help anybody.”

     ”My greatest plan
      is stop fighting without
      knowing the whole information.”

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            Liam gave the other a perplexed look. “That would actually make me the predator and you with a way to get away. I’m looking for my mother. Clues let me here.” 

"To me every single non human thing is a predator."

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"Right… You know it’s okay to not be okay over that.”


"I’m over that. I wouldn’t have dated someone else if that wasn’t the case."

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"No, while the rest of you see it more…" And this is the part that no one seems to get or even want to try to understand. "I feel it. I feel every single death, and it’s eating me away. I feel the death happening each and every single time."


"I’m sorry, I wish there was a way to get you back to when we met. And everything was safe and sound and normal."

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         Mike chuckled at the words.

             ❝ Are you in or are you out?
                  I’m getting mixed signals. ❞

          “I’m in. Idiot.” 

         He whispered, capturing
            his lips in his.

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…went a little like this



Szyba felt like she should probably flinch when Albert touched
her neck so unexpectedly, but she calmed down the moment
his hands found her skin. He didn’t scare her, his touches
didn’t make her back away. Instead she leaned closer, seeking
more warmth and comfort.

She looked down to his lips seconds before they met her own,
eyes widening in surprise. Everything about this situation had
led right to the kiss, and yet, somehow, she hadn’t expected
it. After all Szyba wasn’t really used to being randomly kissed,
and even less was she used to being kissed by the people she
wanted to be close to.

It took a couple of moments before Szyba was able to give
herself into the kiss, eyes eventually flickering shut. This was
happening. This was a thing that was actually happening. Deep
down Szyba wasn’t so sure whether she should push Albert
away or deepen the kiss - after all this was the boy her best
friend had been into. Even worse - after Scott and Albert had
stopped seeing each other, Isaac had started seeing him, and
now another friend of Scott’s, his best friend, above all.

Szyba knew this was all kinds of wrong, and yet she didn’t have
the willpower to pull back. It felt right, and for once in her life
she just wanted to do something for herself. Something that
would make her own heart feel less burdened.

The lack of resistance from her made him smile
into the kiss, trapped in that tingling sensation
running up his spine as his heart raced. It shouldn’t
he was supernatural, he wasn’t human, he shouldn’t
be letting human emotions affect his body so hard
and so much. But still, he kept things there, human.

He brushed her lips with his own once he pulled away
softly, breathing hard and uneasy as his eyes were
locked onto her lips first and eyes second. 

"Uhm…" He let out a soft noise, like the beginning of 
a laughter. But he just smiled.

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Pancakes | Albert+Jordan



     ”Not at all,” he said. Jordan moved about on the couch, blanket still over him. Laying on the halfway mark of the couch, he allowed room for Albert to get behind him. image

 Albert crawled on top of the couch and plced himself behind Jordan, wrapping an arm around his chest. “Thank you.” He smiled. He felt so good being around the other. All new considering his last two failures, even if they made him feel comfortable. Somehow, his new situation made him feel like he should treasure moments. And he wwasn’t going to avoid it.

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"But you don’t fight claw to claw."


"No, I fight finger to claw, and knife to claw."

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